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7 Landscaping Tips For Victoria & Sidney Tag: selling a home

The landscaping of your lawn and garden can have a huge affect on the curb appeal of your home when selling. As such, it's often best to get a head start on your landscaping so that it's professional and ready to go when the time to sell comes. In this post I address the basics of of landscaping design and maintenance for homes in Victoria and Sidney BC.

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When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home in BC? Tag: selling a home

You're finally ready to take the big step and sell your home: you have a real estate agent lined up, you've added improvements to increase your home's value, and you may already have your next property purchased and ready to move into.

But when should you list your current property on the market?

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Identifying & Repairing Wet Basements Tag: selling a home

As the winter months in Victoria roll in with their steady rainfall, basement leaks begin to rear their ugly heads. Learn to spot the signs of wet basements as a home buyer, and what you can do as a home seller to keep wet basements from bringing down your selling price.

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Conveyancing in BC Tag: selling a home

As the process of legally transferring either a property title, mortgage, or lien from one person to another, conveyancing is a necessary stage in every real estate transaction, whether you are buying or selling a property. Learn what you might encounter in the conveyancing process in BC, and help ensure a smooth real estate transaction when buying or selling your home.

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